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King Wireless is an iPhone repair store that offers all the solutions to your iPhone 11 pro max repair issues. Whether you need iPhone 11 Pro Max screen repair, iPhone 11 pro max battery replacement, or iPhone 11 pro max back glass replacement to motherboard repairs, King Wireless is there to fix them all.  Our skilled technicians have repaired thousands of phones and we can guarantee that your iPhone 11 pro max will work perfectly again. We carry repairs in our workshop, i.e. we do not send the device to another service provider and offer the fastest and low price services in the market.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Replacement

If the touch screen of your iPhone 11 pro max is badly damaged or doesn’t work and the LCD screen displays unusual artifacts or does not work at all, then your device needs an LCD replacement. Phone with defective LCD or broken glass is irksome and therefore we offer fast, secure, and low-cost iPhone 11 pro max screen repair. We use an OEM-grade screen and offer a one-year guarantee. Our technicians are certified and experienced to handle the iPhone 11 pro max replacement screen in Texas. We work tirelessly to repair your iPhone in the least amount of time by using the latest equipment.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement

Is your iPhone 11 Pro Max back cover have dents, cracks, damage, or have severe scratches? Do you want to restore the look of your iPhone back glass to its original condition? Visit King Wireless and we will fix it in no time. Our tech geeks are extensively trained and have all the essential equipment required to provide the best possible services of iphone11 pro max back glass replacement. If you need more information regarding the cost to repair an iPhone back cover, visit our store to get a free evaluation.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone 11 Pro Max battery draining too quickly and not holding the charge for as long it used to? Is your iPhone shutting down even when the battery has not come to 1%? Are you not happy with the battery performance and looking to replace your battery? Well, come down to King Wireless to reach out to our customer service team to leaves your hassles behind.

If your phone has the following symptoms, do visit us.

  • Your iPhone 11pro max battery drains quickly
  • The battery takes too long to charge
  • Your iPhone switches off even the battery has some percentage remaining
  • Your iPhone device is heating up
  • Not switching on at all
In any situation described above, there might be some chances that the motherboard of your iPhone is faulty. There is no need to worry about this situation even as we can fix that too. After a diagnosis, we will inform you if the problem is the battery or the power management chip on the motherboard. We will notify you about any additional costs and obtain your approval before we proceed with the repair. We only use original equipment manufacturing (OEM) grade parts to fix your iPhone. We ensure that your repaired phone functions as well as new with the best price in town.
king wireless and repair shop
king wireless and repair shop
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