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We are the King of Wireless and Repair

We are the #1 cell phone repair and all devices repair service provider to call when you have issues with your iPhone, tablet, laptop, or gaming console. Most jobs take less than an hour to complete! We use only the highest quality parts and equipment to fix a mobile device. You can trust and be assured that your mobile device is in good hands. Moreover we are offering a full range of services, from screen replacements to water damage repairs, so we’re sure to have something to meet your needs. We are located in Atascocita also served for Humble, Kingwood, Summerwood and all surrounding areas.

Cell Phone Repair

From cracked iPhone screens to faulty Samsung batteries, our technicians can fix any problem with repairing cell phones, cracked screen, or any electronic repair.

Phone Screen Repair

  • We offer screen repair for various phone models, including iPhones, Androids, and other popular brands.
  • We use only the highest quality parts, and all of our repairs come with a warranty

Battery Replacement

  • If your phone’s battery is no longer charged, we can replace it with a brand-new battery.
  • We use only high-quality, reliable batteries, and all our repairs come with a warranty

Water Damage Repair

  • If your device has been damaged by water or liquid, we offer repair services to try and restore it to working condition.

In-Store Repair

  • We offer fixit wireless in-store repair services for customers living in Atascocita and Humble, TX. Bring your phone to our store one of our professional technicians will damage assessment and provide a quote for the repair. In-store repairs are typically completed on the same day, depending on the damage’s extent and the parts’ availability.

Tablet/iPad Repair

Looking for places that repair tablet screens, tablet screen repair near me, or any damage? We can help. Most repairs take under an hour to complete! We do all types of repairs, including water damage, screen repair, battery replacement, etc. 

Computer Repair

Whether you are running a MacBook, latest Dell XPS or an old Lenovo that had seen better days, we can get you back on track.

Gaming Console Repair

We specialize in complete game console repairs from power supply issues to hard drive issues.

Main Board Repair

We’re experts at fixing Motherboards, offering a full range of repairs for the main board. We have years of experience with this type of repair.

Data Recovery

We provide complete media repair and data recovery services for your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Why Choose King Wirless and Repair


If you find any thing wrong with yourphone, tablet or laptop, you don’t need to worry.We’ll diagnose it for free!


For our beloved customer we give limited warranty. If our repairs caused any manufacture fault, we’ll fix it again for free.


These days, no one can live without his smartphone, even for a sec. So we are here to help you out as fast as we can. We will be your first service provider.


Protecting your personal information can help lower your risk of identity theft. So, Your privacy and data confidentiality is always a top priority for us while fixing your devices!


We never compromise on quality work, as it is not only for our customer’s satisfaction but our reputation. Years of experience make us confident to give quality work in fixing electronic devices.


If you are finding the best pricing for repairing your device, then you are at the right place. If you conflict with our prices, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to match and fix your device.

We are offering a wide Range of Cell Phone Repair Services

Phone Diagnosis

Battery Replacement

Water Damaged Phone

Data Recovery

LCD Display Replacement

Main Board Repair

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