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Common Issues in Samsung

Screen Replacement

A cracked screen is very common in smartphones nowadays. We offer a smooth process of replacement and it takes only 1-hour maximum to replace the screen of any model of Samsung or Apple iPhone.

Battery Replacement

Battery problems can create annoying situations as they can stop you from using your phone any time. It’s better to charge the battery without any delay as it could lead to other problems as well. If you are facing any difficulty with your battery, head on over to King Wireless and we will fix it in minutes!

Camera Replacement

The camera lens damage is quite common and it stops capturing images. This can hinder the usage of the camera so getting it repaired is the only option. You can visit our store and get it fixed.

Home Button Replacement

At some times the home button does not work properly. This means that it is not aligned properly and needs repair. Visit King Wireless repair for a breakdown of the phone button and get it back working in smooth condition.

Microphone Replacement

We are the best mobile repairing shop which provides microphone repairing service in Atascocita. Using high-quality performance tools and equipment, we are the best for solving all microphone problems.

Charging Port Replacement

Charging and speaker issues can arise in a device with time. Slow charging and faulty speaker problems can be handled swiftly at our shop.

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