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Whether your iPhone Se needs a new screen, battery replacement, or having the camera, charging port issue or you require any other repair services, King Wireless has solutions for all your phone problems. We offer the lowest prices with the quickest turnaround time and have the most knowledgeable, experienced technicians in Atascocita. Our process is completely transparent and we aim to be your one-stop shop for all your iPhone SE repair needs.

King Wireless is Well-Known for iPhone SE Screen Replacement

Broken front glass will not stop your iPhone from working but it will ruin the entire look of your phone. If you are facing this problem, you can visit King Wireless for your iPhone SE screen replacement. We are masters in replacing the iPhone glass screens and make them look and feel just like new. We can repair and replace the LCD of all models including iPhone SE2020 screen replacement at the lowest price and offer a complete 1-year warranty. After getting our quick iPhone Se replacement service, you will be using your iPhone to create TikToks in no time.

Apple iPhone SE Battery Replacement With Warranty

Maintaining the battery in good condition is very important as it affects the performance of the iPhone as well. Similarly, a swollen battery can cause damage to the device if not replaced immediately. If your handset is draining faster or if it is not turning on at all, the answer is to replace the battery.

You can visit our service center for the best iPhone SE battery replacement service in Atascocita. Our iPhone SE battery replacement services are covered with a 30-days warranty, provided there is no physical or liquid damage.

Apple iPhone SE Back Glass Replacement

With all iPhones having wireless charging capability, they all have a glass back. The glass is more fragile and tends to break easier than the previous metal back. 

King Wireless has invested in high-class equipment’s to change the broken back glass accurately and efficiently. We have OEM grade parts in stock which reduces the repairing time and allows us to provide iPhone SE back glass replacement quickly as possible. Staff is well trained to provide the best Apple iPhone SE repair services at the most compatible rates.

iPhone SE 2020 Home Button Replacement

Phones have transformed how daily tasks in our lives are completed with minimal stress. Almost in every smartphone life, a malfunction occurs which may create issues or stop us to use the phone. 

The home button is almost the most utilized part of the iPhone and its proper functioning at all times is mandatory. The home button on the iPhone SE has the touch ID fingerprint identity sensors. You may face issues while unlocking the phone if the button is not working properly. If your phone’s home button sticks or you are receiving error 53, it is recommended to get iPhone SE 2020 home button replacement to regain your technology freedom.

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king wireless and repair shop
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